Scilab is an open source mathematical tool for science and engineering, similar to Matlab. Unlike Matlab, Scilab is a free. You don't need to buy it. Scilab is compatible with three mostly used Operating Systems, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux/Unix. Scilab can be downloaded from

Scilab is a fully featured scientific software, with dozens of built-in functions for mathematical formulations, like matrix operations, Fourier transformations, plotting, signal processing, etc. Scilab has help files and demo programs. To learn about a function, type "help anything you need" in the main window of Scilab. For example:

-->help contour

A page with detailed information opens


level curves on a 3D surface

Calling Sequence



two real row vectors of size n1 and n2.
.        more   

Here is a graph plotted in Scilab applied in a geometry to satisfy boundary conditions.

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