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Adhesion evaluation of glass fiber-PDMS interface by means of microdroplet technique

This research was intended to measure the interfacial shear strength between fiber/ matrix systems and to investigate the relation between structure-mechanical properties and performance of fiber/matrix systems. Find a copy of this thesis from here         

Mechanical Property Characterization of Laminated Composite Plates

The purpose of this project is to build 2-D woven laminated composite test specimens according to ASTM standards and perform tensile test, Iosipescu shear test and Combined Loading Compression (CLC) Test. This project helps us to determine the material properties, such as tensile, compression, and shear strengths in fiber and transverse directions, stiffness of material, modulus of elasticity, shear modulus of elasticity and Poison’s ratio.

Determination of Mode I Stress Intensity Factor in a Compact Tension (CT) Specimen using Strain Gage

Mode I stress intensity factor was obtained by using electrical-resistance strain gages near the crack tip of a 5083-0 aluminum made compact tension specimen as recommended by ASTM standard E399. A theoretical method was also used to compare the results with the experimental analysis. The results were in a good agreement up to the critical stress concentration or beginning of crack propagation. The crack opening started from 175 lb load application, and the mode I stress intensity factor was about 7500 Psi (in)^0.5. The plastic zone size was also calculated theoretically to determine the singularity dominated zone (SDZ).

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