How to change Gadget or Widget space in blogger sidebar

Some times it is needed to decrease or increase spacing between gadgets in the sidebar to look better. Here is a simple trick to do so.
In order to apply this trick, you need to have the gadget unique ID.
Firstly, go to the dashboard of your blogger account. Click on the gadget Edit button you want to change the spacing.
Look at the navigation link of the gadget located at the top of the page, as shown in the highlighted part of this picture. Here "HTML1" is the widget ID...

Close the gadget page
Click on the Template and click on Customize button.
From there click on Advance button. Scroll down to find "Add CSS"
Add the following lines of code to the CSS


margin-top: -20px !important;

margin-bottom: -20px !important;


Replace HTML1 with your unique widgetID.

The "margin-top" changes the space from the top of the gadget, and "margin-bottom" changes the space at the bottom of the the gadget.
You can change the number of pixels according to the appearance of your gadget.
When you are done, click on "Apply to blog" button to apply this piece of code.

Hope it helps you

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